“I’m not really worried about repressed creativity

when there’s a shark hunting us!”

– Matthew                 

The story of two estranged brothersand the shark that brought them back together.

Meet Matthew and Jason and Matthew and Jason (and Matthew and Jason)


He is the brother who left home to study, work and become successful all on his own.

He is not.

"Damn it, man! What are you on? Besides my property."

"I can't wait to see what happens next!"

"You accept all of this as normal?"

"Hello? This is Jason!"

"Shark! There's a shark in the backyard!"

"I can see why Matthew likes it here. It's so glamorous!"

"Things today have gone from bad to psychotic!"

"It's Chumley!"

All this and more madcap shenanigans wait for the two rascally brothers.

…something like that, at least. So, stay tuned to see how everything will end.