“What the hell are you two talking about?!”

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AMAZING NEWS (at least, to us)

MAY 20, 2019 — It si official. Thanks to the amazing Mr. Ron Bonk and, “Bad CGI Sharks” has found a home. The movie will come out… In the near future — Probably in the month of Julgustember or something around that. We will keep you posted!


APRIL 2019 — Our movie is finally, completely, totally ALMOST locked! Soon you’ll be able to read other stuff where we’ll tell you we stumbled again against a new speed bump, but… Never stop believing!

MARCH 2019 — “Bad CGI Sharks” is honored to be part of “Backyard Epics,” an SRS Cinema collection of indie-movie trailers!

(CLICK the poster for more info)

JANUARY 2019 — Our movie isn’t even out and we ALREADY have Fan Art. This is coming from Japan, and it is absolutely awesome!

As you can see, it captures the essence of one of our villains, Moe, including his reverse dorsal fin.

JUNE 2018 — The ACTUAL budget of “Bad CGI Sharks” ends up being $6,257.34

(that’s why we could afford the fanciest restaurants, during production — in the foto, left to right, Sheila Marie (producer), Matthew Ellsworth (1/3 of MaJaMa), Jason Ellsworth (1/3 of MaJaMa), Matteo Molinari (1/3 of MaJaMa), Emilio Pozzolini (1/2 of This GasThing) and Alessandro Arcidiacono (1/2 of This GasThing) during a pit stop on their way to Laguna Beach, CA)